Centriforce Products manufactures a range of ecological fencing, otherwise known as eco-fencing, for specialist fencing applications.

What does it protect?

Many species, such as reptiles and amphibians, are under the protection from the various UK and European conservation acts. With European Protected Species such as Great Crested Newts, Natterjack Toads and Grass Snakes, it is an offence to kill, injure, capture or disturb the full list of protected species.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that construction teams and developers ensure that they have temporary or more long-term mechanisms implemented to minimise disturbance or destruction on resident wildlife populations and mitigate any effect on their habitats.

Recycled Fencing at Centriforce

Ecological fencing is utilised as part of a plan to manage protected species on a proposed development site by implementing temporary fencing. As mentioned previously, these protected species include newts, snakes, water voles and other reptiles and amphibians. 

At Centriforce, we utilise extensive experience in recycled plastic sourcing, procurement, design and processing to meet client needs in many diverse applications and to create recycled plastic fencing that is cost-effective and sustainable. The positive about being made from recycled polymers is that at the end of the project life, the material can be recycled and re-used again, creating eco-friendly fencing.

Our wildlife fencing will help ensure that protected species are carefully managed on a construction and/or a development site, so that the species can be removed, relocated from the site to allow the development to take place and then finally relocated to an appropriate environment – which can either be back on the site or in an alternative location.

Three Shires Case Study

We worked closely with the Three Shires, the specialist ecological contractor, to develop and refine its Herpetosure fencing range. This product has proved to be useful in many projects, both within the UK and internationally, where it demonstrates its durability in demanding environments, yet is completely manufactured from recycled polymers. 


Recycled plastic sheets are used for a range of temporary and longer-term ecological fencing applications. Each of our fencing applications can differ depending on the species and the area. Some of our more popular applications include: 

  • Newt fencing
  • Snake fencing (adder / slow worms, grass snakes and common lizards)
  • Water vole fencing
  • Reptile fencing
Ecological fencing manufactured from Stokbord recycled sheettemporary ecological fencing being installedThis is some of Centriforce's Ecological Fencing being used on a development site, as part of one of our case studies.

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