Centriforce Exhibits at Civils Expo as part of UK Construction Week 2018

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Centriforce had a great time last week (9 – 11 October 2018), exhibiting at the Civils Expo, part of Construction Week (at the NEC, Birmingham).  UK Construction Week (UKCW) is the UK’s largest built environment event; bringing together 35,000 construction professionals.Centriforce attended Civils Expo 2018 - the UK's largest building environment event.

UK Construction Week showcases innovation from all sectors, providing practical information on new technologies, systems, products and collaborations from around the world.  The Civils Expo covered the largest infrastructure projects both in the UK and abroad. Nathan Garnett, UKCW event director, said:

“Some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the world are happening right now in the UK, so the learning opportunities are enormous”.

With the majority of attendees comprising civil engineers, construction professionals and contractors, Centriforce generated a great deal of interest in our Damage Prevention products for the protection of underground Utility Assets, in our ecological fencing, and in our Stokbord® Protecta boards.

World leaders in Utility Damage Protection

Centriforce offer utility damage protection like undergroun protective mesh, underground warning tapes and detectable tapes.We are a world-leader in the provision of damage prevention products for utilities, serving a global customer-base.  We are proud to have pioneered the development of heavy-duty plastic covers as an effective alternative to concrete tiles to protect underground utilities, making us the world leader in this area.  In our production facility we are committed to developing and testing our products to go above and beyond customer expectations and meet stringent quality and environmental standards.

Our product range includes utility protection mesh, detectable tapes for marking buried underground utility pipes and cables, underground warning tapes and cable protection covers, cable protection Tapetile®, access chambers, marker posts and signs.


Shielding protected species during construction projects

Centriforce have shielding protection for species during construction products, like ecological newt fencing.During a construction project, it is necessary to ensure that developers and construction teams have a mechanism to minimise disturbance on resident wildlife populations and take appropriate action to ensure wildlife does not enter the site, or that they are collected from the site and moved to suitable habitat (under licence) where they will not be endangered.

The installation of ecological fencing can provide a suitable barrier to either keep protected species off a development site, form an enclosure from which they can be collected prior to any ground works, or be used to enclose a receptor area whilst breeding populations and habitat are established.

Centriforce offers a range of eco-fencing, for protection of species from newts, to lizards, to snakes; in permanent, semi-permanent and temporary versions.  Read our recent blog about eco-fencing and its use in large construction projects in UK and overseas.

Stokbord® – the multi-purpose board for civil engineers and contractors

Centriforce is the home of Stokbord®, and is exclusively manufactured at our facility in Liverpool, UK.  Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, Stokbord® is an extremely versatile material that can replace traditional materials such as timber, plywood, concrete, and even steel.  Stokbord® is made from low density polyethylene (LDPE), which comes as standard in black or grey, with a specially embossed slip-resistant finish.

Stokbord® Protecta Sheet – the cost-effective alternative to plywood for spoil boards

Stokbord Protecta Sheets are available through Centriforce for an alternative to plywood for spoil boards.Stokbord® Protecta Sheet is an innovative, cost-effective solution for prevention of damage to surfaces during construction and excavation. Providing protection for pavements and roads from surface scarring and damage caused by grab-wagons, excavators and materials.

Using Protecta Sheet ensures that you avoid unwanted fines for damaged road surfaces and pavements.  It also offers a lower whole-life cost than using plywood/ timber, since Stokbord® can be used again and again.  The boards are easy to move around side if required and have no sharp edges or splinters which can result in injury.  We can manufacture boards to the specific needs of our customers (including size and branding).



Stokbord® Sheet – the more effective temporary flooring than plywood

Stokbord Sheet is on offer at Centriforce, being a more effective temporary flooring than plywood. Stokbord® is also becoming the contractor’s No 1 solution to protect finished surfaces from construction site wear and tear, whilst also contributing to a safer working environment with its slip resistant top coat.  Stokbord® provides heavy-duty, temporary floor protection, having been specifically engineered for use by engineers and building contractors.


Stokbord® is a tough, durable and impact resistant protection board, available in a range of different options to suit specific project requirements. Designed as a heavy-duty protective solution, Stokbord® is excellent at absorbing shock and noise while resisting impact from construction footfall and machinery.


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