Stokbord® Sheet used as Temporary Flooring during build of Data Centres Worldwide

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Growth in the data centre market set to rocket

With the rapid pace of technology, data centres are primed for significant growth over the next few years.  According to research from The Insight Partners, the global data centre market is expected to grow from the $9.56bn recorded in 2016 to $22.83bn by 2025.

Data centres are primed for significant growth over the next few years.

Mobile computing, the Internet of Things and cloud computing are driving significant demand in the data centre industry. Providers are looking to expand their networks and build more facilities in the aim of capitalising on this market opportunity.

Building more data centres is therefore vital to keep pace with the rising use of such technology. Half of the data centre owners have recently expanded their capacity and over two-thirds plan additional expansions over the next two years.

According to data from the Synergy Research Group, the number of data centres operated by hyper-scale providers is nearing the 400-mark, with the likes of Google, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft and other leading firms all having been particularly active in the market of late.

Why our clients choose Stokbord® as temporary floor protection in data centre builds

Site safety is of paramount importance in construction projects, and temporary protection materials can help ensure that hazards are identified and addressed. With multiple trades constantly crossing paths and a continual heavy footfall of traffic on-site, damaged furnishings and surfaces can be commonplace.

Stokbord is becoming the number one solutions to protect finished surfaces.

Stokbord® is becoming the contractor’s No 1 solution to protect finished surfaces from construction site wear and tear, whilst also contributing to a safer working environment with its slip resistant top coat.

Stokbord® provides heavy-duty, temporary floor protection, having been specifically engineered for use by engineers and building contractors.

Stokbord® is a tough, durable and impact resistant protection board, available in a range of different options to suit specific project requirements. Designed as a heavy duty protective solution, Stokbord® is excellent at absorbing shock and noise while resisting impact from construction footfall and machinery.

The primary benefit of Stokbord® as a temporary protection material is to prevent any accidental and unnecessary damage during any type of construction project. This could be floor protection to stop any dents or scuffs from dropped tools, door protection to stop any chips when you’re manoeuvring through doorways, or surface protection to protect windows, walls and countertops from any scratches.

Data centres with heavy racking and equipment require well-engineered flooring with appropriately high compressive strength. Stokbord® offers a high degree of durability and sturdiness to protect floors (vinyl, marble, cured timber, laminates, etc.) and safeguard them from damage from heavy traffic, heavy footwear, dropped tools and accidental spillages.

Whilst being incredibly light in weight, Stokbord® offers impact resistance, at the same time as being very easy to handle. Stokbord® is the perfect protective alternative to plywood or other timber products, and being made from 100% recycled material, offers sustainable benefits also.

There are various forms of protection that perform well against impact damage, but Stokbord® is preferred by the construction industry as temporary flooring in the build of data centres around the world.

Temporary floor protection with Stokbord®

Stokbord recycled plastic board are excellent for the protection of data centres.Stokbord® recycled plastic board is exclusively manufactured in the UK by Centriforce Products Ltd. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, Stokbord® is an extremely versatile material that can replace traditional materials such as timber, plywood, concrete, and even steel.  Stokbord® is made from low density polyethylene (LDPE), which comes as standard in black or grey, with a specially embossed slip-resistant finish.

This is why Stokbord® is the best known, value for money, general purpose board on the market today.  Its excellent fit as a temporary flooring solution is because it can be easily applied to protect almost any surface and it combine lightweight qualities with superior strength.

About Centriforce Products Ltd

Centriforce Products Ltd has a track record of 35 years of development and manufacture of outstanding plastic protection products and services. We are at the forefront of plastics recycling in UK and committed to providing excellence in everything we do.

All products are manufactured at our own plant in UK under stringent quality control procedures, backed-up by comprehensive testing to UK and many International quality, environmental and health and safety standards.

In our innovative approach to product development, we work closely with clients to develop new products to meet their requirements and stringent quality standards, whilst at the same time reducing the reliance on non-renewable raw materials. In fact, all of our products can be recycled at the end of their working lives.

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