Stokbord® cable protection tiles and Tapetile® warning tape offer clear visual warning and excellent impact protection for cabling, water and gas pipe protection. They are the safest and most viable method of underground cable protection against third party digging and excavation. Centriforce can also now supply a range of high performance detectable or non detectable underground warning tapes and detectable or non detectable warning meshes to meet all your requirements for underground warning and protection. 

Centriforce Products offers a range of high performance products to protect underground utilities such as:

  • Power cables
  • Telecom & fibre optic cables
  • Gas mains
  • Water mains (and other water pipe protection applications)
  • Other pipes & services

From possible excavation damage when buried beneath ground. All of our products provide

  • Reduced risk of personal injury
  • Reduced risk of supply interruption and asset damage
  • Protection from third party excavation
  • Clear visual warning

Coupled with quick, easy, low-cost installation

Stokbord underground warning boards and Tapetile cable and pipe protection products are manufactured from tough and durable recycled plastics which have been proven in use over many years by utility companies throughout the world. Underground warning tapes and meshes are manufactured from high-performance virgin polymers to meet international standards including EN12613


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