Centriforce Products is the premier UK supplier of recycled plastic walkways and recycled plastic boardwalks.   

Working with leading organisations in the private and public land management sector such as The National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, Natural England and The Environment Agency , Centriforce helped develop the application as an excellent use of recycled materials. Duraplas "recycled plastic wood" is now the preferred material for the installation of boardwalks, and have been installed as plastic walkways throughout the UK for the past 20 years. 

Across the country, more and more plastic walkways or boardwalks are being developed and installed by a range of organisations.   They are chosen because they are better value than their timber alternatives, whilst still blending harmoniously with the environments they protect.

Centriforce can provide a recycled plastic boardwalk for a client to self-install or can assist with design and suitability studies for your project.  We can also suggest installation technicians who have many years of experience in working with the materials.

Design and Installation

Centriforce is able to provide assistance with design and installation should the client need help with the development of a recycled plastic boardwalk. We can assist with:

  • Feedback and guidance on your installation site
  • Practical approaches to walkway installation
  • Design support and application suggestions
  • Suggest fabricators and installers who can take your project from initial idea to completion
  • Guidance on disability access requirements
  • Assist with project management and guidance if you plan to install your walkway with volunteer support / labour
Duraplas recycled plastic timber for a bridge and deck structure


  • Extremely durable, with a lifespan at least four times that of timber
  • Rot and algae proof, requiring little or no maintenance
  • Unique slip resistant finish, ensuring good grip in all weather conditions
  • Recycled plastic walkways are completely inert and will not leach chemicals into water or soil
  • Visually in keeping with the timber alternative and the surrounding environment
  • The materials will not rot, which is particularly important for the posts and bearers that are frequently water logged or flooded
  • Greater resilience to vandalism
  • Plastic planks are easy to install, and can be drilled and sawn in a similar manner to timber materials
  • Fully meets the requirements of BS 6399-1 – 1996 covering use as 'Heavy duty walkways for high density pedestrian traffic including escape routes'