Duraplas® recycled plastic wood is a safe and durable alternative to traditional timber planks and posts which have many, highly desirable properties.  Proven in use over many years in a wide range of applications, they facilitate quick and easy fabrication into many applications which include, boardwalks, walkways, pontoons, signs, fences and outdoor furniture. 

Duraplas recycled plastic profiles  are sometimes referred to as recycled  ‘plastic lumber’ or recycled ‘plastic timber’ They are exclusively manufactured by Centriforce from 100% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and, unlike many of the mixed plastic equivalents, are available in a wide range of standard colours including bright, primary colours as well as the more traditional wood-like finishes and colours. 

Centriforce Products is one of the very few manufacturers in the UK which takes post-consumer and post-industrial waste plastics and converts it into useful products, giving the material a second use which is often used in products intended for long lifetime applications.

Duraplas recycled plastic planks are renowned as the material of choice in the UK by fabricators owing to their high quality and durability.   This is due to the company’s high-quality manufacturing methods and careful control of raw materials which produces the UK’s highest quality recycled plastic profiles.  Since they are extruded rather than moulded, they can also be made to custom lengths which reduces wastage from off-cuts and inefficient standard lengths

Duraplas profiles are made from polyethylene bottles (commonly milk bottles), bags and containers which would otherwise be destined for landfill or export. 

Highly coloured plastic wood for waterpark application
Highly coloured plastic wood for waterpark application

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