Centriforce Products Limited

Environmental Policy

Centriforce Products Limited manufactures plastic products for a wide range of applications.

Our core purpose is to recycle and reprocess plastic waste and convert that waste into added value items that not only represent the most sustainable second life usage for recycled plastics, but also offer considerable economic and functional benefits over traditional materials.

As a leading manufacturer and recycler of plastic products we recognise our responsibility to operate with due concern for the environment in which we work and to minimise the impact of our activities on that environment.

We continually seek to improve our environmental performance by setting objectives and targets combined with clear management programmes and initiatives to minimise our impact on the environment and prevent pollution.

The Senior Management Team will ensure that the policies, objectives and practices of the Company in relation to Environmental policy are regularly reviewed in order to maintain continuous improvement within this area.

Centriforce Products Limited will seek to:

  1. Manufacture all our products to meet the requirements of the European Community, National Legislation and other requirements to which the company subscribes.

  2. Promote the re-use, recycling and recovery of our materials and to assist in this recovery wherever it is practical and environmentally beneficial to do so.

  3. Improve the environmental performance of our processes by reducing emissions, energy use, minimising waste and controlling noise

  4. Maintain leadership in the development of new products and processes using plastics and recycled materials and support initiatives which benefit the environment

  5. Communicate this policy to all who work on behalf of the company and to make this policy available to stakeholders and the general public

  6. Work towards an Environmental Management System compliant to ISO14001:2004



Ref: EMS008, version 2, May 2nd, 2014