2012 – A year of increased environmenal awareness?

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Recycling symbol in clouds

Is recycling ambitions pie in the sky?

Well,having just returned from the long Christmas/New Year break what awaits us in 2012?

I had the opportunity to visit a local MRF (materials recycling facility) just before Christmas as they were just about to gear up to one of their busiest times of years.  They were expecting a 1/3 increase (!) in their throughput over the holiday period and in the immediate weeks of the new year – perhaps a very poignant reminded of our ‘throwaway society’?

However, just before the holiday break, DEFRA published its packaging recycling targets for the 5 year period 2013 – 2017 which seemed to have been warmly received by the industry as ‘solid green ambition’ (perhaps at last).   On plastics packaging, DEFRA is looking to raise recycling targets from the current level of around 32% to around 57% by 2017 and with every tonne of recycled plastic roughly saving 1.5 metric tonnes of carbon, this not only translates into a requirement for reduced landfill, but also a very worthwhile saving in our carbon footprint.

Its perhaps frightening to think that recent forecasts suggest that by 2020, England will only have around 55 non-hazardous landfill sites operating across the country – a remarkable drop from the ~250 sites that are currently in operation.  However this, combined with our ‘green ambitions’ is yet further impetus to really develop the recycling industry and dramatically reduce the amount of material that we in the UK  send to landfill or export to the far east.

Centriforce Products will be playing its part in helping this.   We are already the UK’s largest independent recycler of plastics materials and we will shortly be announcing further investment to increase and improve our capabilities in our Liverpool  recycling and manufacturing site. We’ll be looking forward to telling you more about this shortly.

In the meantime, if you have a project that is looking for recycled materials in either sheet or profile form, then make Centriforce one of the first phone calls you make.


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